Easts Committee Easts Committee

Easts Cricket Club Management Team

Committee (2020/21)

President Jim Maxwell
Vice Presidents  Peter Lovitt, Matt Lawrance
Secretary Michael Quinn
Treasurer Peter Smyth
Committee Member Sally Betts
Committee Member Matt Coles
Committee Member Paul Frampton
Committee Member Dominic Remond
Committee Member Tom Gallop
Committee Member John Watson
Committee Member Michael Quinn
Committee Member Andrew Taucher                   
Committee Member Tim Brown

Captains (2019/20)

1st Grade Jack Preddey
2nd Grade Nathan Rowe
3rd Grade Josh Stewart
4th Grade Matt Coles
5th Grade Kirk Rimmer/Chris Thanos
Poidevin-Gray George Furrer
Green Shield
Metrolpolitan Cup
Adam Ballard
Club Captains Sam Mullens, Chris Thanos

Coaching and High Performance Staff

Coaching Consultant
Howard Grice
Senior Coach
Steve Green
Assistant Coaches
Andrew Millican and Tim Armstrong
Poidevin Gray Coach
Mark Morley
Green Shield Coach
Steve Green
Green Shield Assistant Coach
Kirk Rimmer
Junior Academy Coach
Dave Dawson
Junior High Performance Pathways Manager
Michael Furlong
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Wayne Geber
Mental Strength Coach Marcus van Vugt

Team Scorers

1st Grade Owen Ridge
2nd Grade Adrian Tham
Poidevin-Gray Owen Ridge
Video Toby Clayton

Grounds Staff

Green Options (Waverley, Trumper)

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