Juniors Registrations Season 2022/2023

Registrations for season 2022/2023 are now open.  

Registrations will feel a little different this season as Cricket Australia has moved to Play HQ as a replacement to the MyCricket system.

As we get closer to the start of the cricket season we are now entering the phase where we are finalising teams.  While we aim to give everyone a chance to play cricket with Easts, this is not always possible given team size constraints.  

This becomes more of a challenge with our older age groups as team sizes increase and for our Sunday competitions where we need to accommodate SEJCA Representative players.  

The current status of each of our programs is listed below:

  • Blaster Programs Junior Blasters: Registrations Open – No close
  • Master Blasters: Registrations Open – Subject to availability after September 30
  • Girls Only Cricket U11: Registrations Open
  • U13: Registrations Open
  • U15: Registrations Open
  • U17: Registrations Open
  • Friday Competitions U12/13: Registrations Open
  • U14/15: Registrations Open
  • Saturday Competitions U10: Registrations Open
  • U11: Registrations Open
  • Sunday Competitions  U12: Full Season and First Half Only Registrations Open
  • U13: Full Season and First Half Only Registrations Open
  • U14: First Half Only Registrations Open.  
  • Full Season Registrations CLOSED
  • U15: Full Season and First Half Only Registrations Open
  • U17: Full Season and First Half Only Registrations Open

For more information on how to register click here

Registrations may close at any time without notice.  If you were hoping to register for a program that is closed please contact davida@eastcricket.com.au to discuss alternatives / wait lists.

How to register

Before you begin registration: CricketID

To complete your registration this season you will need a CricketID.  This should be in the name of the PARENT not the player.  Parents who have completed any Cricket Australia training modules will already have an ID which is an email address. The last part of the registration process requires you to enter the cricket ID (email address) so it is recommended you set up a new ID or confirm your login details at https://cricket-id.cricket.com.au/ before continuing with registration.

Please note that the MyCricket numerical ID is no longer used with the PlayHQ system. Active Kids You are able to use an Active Kids voucher to register for cricket at Easts.  These can be obtained via your Service NSW account.  This will reduce the cost by $100.

Next Steps

Once you have your CricketID and Active Kids Voucher (optional) you can proceed to registration.

The following links link will take you directly to the to the Easts Dolphins Registration Pages:

Junior Blaster Registration
Master Blaster Registration
Junior Cricket Registration

Junior Cricket Season Dates 2022/2023

Spring (Split Season) will run from:

  • Friday October 14th – December 9th
  • Saturday October 15th – December 10th
  • Sunday October 16th – December 11th

Summer (Split Season) will run from:

  • Friday January 27th – March 17th (Grand Final Reserve March 24th)
  • Saturday January 28th – March 18th (Grand Final Reserve March 25th)
  • Sunday January 29th – March 19th (Grand Final Reserve March 26th)

Full Season will run from:

October – March as above

Junior & Master Blaster Season Dates 2022/2023

Friday October 14th – December 9th 2022
Saturday October 15th – December 10th 2022
***School Holiday Break***
Friday January 27th – March 17th 2023
Saturday January 28th – March 18th 2023

Competition Draw

The competition draw will be published on the Sixers Cricket League website. This will not be available until closer to competition start date, and we will send a notification to registered players when it it is ready.


A reminder that players will require their own protective gear, this will not be provided by ESCC with the exception of wicket-keeping gloves for younger age groups.

Each team will also need a COVID-19 official. This needs to be someone separate to the coach (who will usually be umpiring), but can be the team manager.