Junior Playing Formats Summary

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The relevant age group is determined by the age of the player as at 31 August. e.g. if your child is 11 on 31 August they will fall into the Under 12 Age Group.

The age groups are generally a good guide and it is expected in the ordinary course that it will be appropriate for a child to play in their relevant age group. However, what is more important is that players have the opportunity to play at the level which is most appropriate for their relevant expertise. Accordingly, we will assign players to play up or down age groups as appropriate

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Summary Learn the Skills Learn the Game Playing the game Playing & competing Playing & competing
Detailed Playing Rules

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Skill Development Cricket activities designed based on fundamental movement skill competencies Cricket games designed to develop fundamental skills in a cricket environment

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Age Range
(indicative only)
5-7 7-10 Under 11 Under 13 Under 14-19
Time (mins) 60 mins 60-90 mins 60-120 mins 120-180 mins 120-240 mins
Time Management Strategies

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Overs per team N/A – Skills based program 12 overs (max) 20 overs (max) T20 or 30 overs (max) T20 or 40 overs (max)
Pitch Length 14m 16m 18m 20.1m
Number of Players 6-8 7 9 11*
Boundary 30m 40m 45m 50m
Ball Size Soft modified ball (80-110g) Modified ball (125-142g) 142g 156g (male)
142g (female)