The Vision for the Juniors of ESCC is to develop a deep and long lasting love for the game of cricket through the provision of an inclusive, nurturing and fun environment in which to learn the basic skills of the game and to pursue this by playing cricket in a supportive yet competitive environment to the best of each individual’s ability.


Easts prides itself on being one of the oldest and largest junior clubs in the country. We are keen to build on our history and work to ensure your club is one you feel very much a part of and your sons and daughters will feel as much pride as they do in state or national teams.

In order to achieve our vision we aim to provide an environment for all players whether they are involved in In2Cricket, T20 Blast, Junior competitions or Girls T20 competitions to develop to the best of their abilities.  

Our goal is to build a true spirit of comradery, a Club spirit and an opportunity for the boys and girls to meet new friends.  We want to develop young cricketers, support their teams and families and build teams of the future.

Club Structure

Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club has strong Senior and Junior participation. We are unique in that we are an integrated club encompassing senior and junior cricket under a single committee of management.  This offers our players significant benefit as they learn and improve their cricket.

Club Administration - The role of the Junior Committee

In order to achieve our Vision, the Junior component of club has been restructured in the form of a focussed Junior Committee under the guidance of a Junior Coordinator which has a charter to develop strategies in collaboration with the senior club to foster the growth of junior cricket in Sydney’s east and to raise the level of enjoyment, commitment to the game and competence of players into the future.

The Committee aims to be representative of all Junior players and parents by consisting of members having involvement across the range of player ages. Age Coordinators are appointed in each age group to be a point of contact in the club for parents and players to raise and discuss issues affecting that group and to bring those to the Junior Committee in the first instance and then as required to the South Eastern Junior Cricket Association and/or the ESCC Committee.

Some of the key goals for the Junior Committee are:

Coaching and Development

All coaches and managers are parents who volunteer their time to coach your son and manage your child's team.  We ask you respect the time and effort they are putting in as volunteers.

ESCC also provide several aged based training sessions with the club's senior coaches throughout the season.  Our Under 16 and Under 14 Division 1 teams are twinned with a Senior Grade teams to allow additional opportunities for our Juniors to build their skills through higher level training.  ESCC run a Junior High Performance program who will work with all coaches to ensure that a minimum standard (Level 1) is achieved and who engages with all coaches throughout the season to work on any specific issues that arise.

We encourage every team to set up a weekly training time in conjunction with your team manager and team parents. 

Team Selection and weekly participation

When boys and girls start their cricket career with ESCC they often like to stay with that team for as long as they play cricket.  In many cases initial teams are formed based on the school which the child attends. 

As children develop their cricket and rules change (e.g. teams go from 8 to 11 players, friends fall into different age groups, involvement of representative players at all ages, etc), the club needs to ensure that teams remain balanced and that everyone still enjoys their cricket. 

Our experience has shown that the children adapt to their new team mates very quickly and that part of the fun of club competition is to be playing with as well as against players whom they know. Over their cricket career, children will often play with and against friends. We don't split teams unnecessarily however we do need to have a balance of teams that are made up of children from different schools, this is particularly relevant as the children get older and specific school events may cause a team to lose players.

Team allocation and selection will be based on a number of criteria:

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