Easts Cricket Club Behaviour Policy Easts Cricket Club Behaviour Policy

Easts Cricket Club Code of Conduct

Cricket has traditionally been one sport to maintain and promote the highest levels of conduct and sportsmanship. We are all familiar with the saying “It isn’t cricket” which implies that a certain type of behaviour is unacceptable. This document is a set of guidelines to provide all members with an understanding of the expectations the club has of each and every player and member.

These guidelines are relevant during match days (on and off the field), training, club functions and at any other time when representing Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club. The guidelines form part of the Players’ Code of Conduct (NSW Cricket Association) and will be enforced by the management committee of the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club, and/or by the Judiciary Committee of the NSW Cricket Association. Players and spectators in breach of these guidelines can expect to receive penalties varying from a caution through to suspension, depending on the severity and the nature of the breach.

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