Juniors Season launch Saturday September 6


Welcome Letter by Leone McEntee (junior co-ordinator)

Dear Coaches and Managers,

Firstly please let me say a huge WELCOME (back) to you all and a big thank you for giving up your valuable time to commit to helping our children come to love the game of Cricket!!

As you may be aware, Easts Dolphins is one of Sydney’s oldest cricket clubs and we have one of the largest junior cricket clubs in the country. Many great cricketers have played for our Club and I hope that you, your children and your families enjoy your time with our club.

This time of year is a very busy time for me and for our junior committee as we endeavour to put all the children wanting to play cricket in their teams ready for the upcoming season that commences on 13th September for most of the juniors and on 20th September for the T20Blast participants.  The teams will be distributed to you all and I hope that they will be correct. However if you find any anomalies or errors, please let me know as soon as you can.

There are a number of administrative matters that I would like to bring your attention to and please forgive me if you already know all of this.

On 6th September we are holding an information day and welcome at Waverley Oval for all coaches, managers and new parents to the Club.  The revised summary due to we weather is... 

10am Welcome
10.10 Explanation of the T20 Blast and Q&A
10.30 Managers workshop and Q&A on MyCricket 
10.50 Kit collection and Q&A
11.30 Wrap up (if not before)

The age coordinators are your first point of call if you have any questions or need assistance.  They are:
Under 8 Leone McEntee 0410432505
Under 10 Iain Dunstan 0412407208
Under 12 Jonathan Seward 0437398710
Under 14 &16 Marcus van Vugt 0411332180

Easts Dolphins are committed to engaging children in the great game of cricket.  We are serious about our vision for junior cricket (refer http://www.eastscricket.com.au/easts-junior-vision-strategy) and expect our volunteers and players to abide by the Spirit of Cricket at all times. To that end I would ask you to pass on to your team parents the following message from our Junior Committee…..

As we approach the start of the new season, the Easts Junior Committee thought it worthwhile to send you all a reminder of our obligations in relation to our Club, teams and children who participate and we apologise if this seems obvious to most of you.
Our role is to provide a platform for children to participate and enjoy this amazing sport that we all hold so dear. It is an opportunity for children to develop teamwork skills, management skills, play with their friends and understand what it means to be part of a team. We want as many children playing as possible and to keep on playing season after season because they enjoy it.
Winning your respective competition is not the primary reason we play. Everyone enjoys winning and we hope each team enjoys success, however not at all costs. We expect all teams, their coaches, managers and parents to play ‘within the spirit of the game’.  Teams should aim to rotate players so that every child gets a turn.
Please keep at the forefront of your mind that we are all participating in children’s sport. Umpires are human and volunteers as well.  They make mistakes as do we all.  Please do not question umpires decisions even if you know they are wrong. It sets a very poor example for adults to do this in front of the children and contradicts everything we try and teach them. Should you have a serious issue or complaint please report this to the Junior Coordinator or your Age Coordinator for action.  

We hope you and your kids have a great season!
Information will be updated on our website on a weekly basis, so please check the website regularly.  Our newsletter – The Fin Review – will also be circulated at regular intervals via email to our database.

I look forward to meeting you on Saturday!


Leone McEntee
Junior Coordinator
Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club
0410 432 505

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