Fifth Grade's Road to the Grand Final


Easts are yet to take out a Premiership in Fifth Grade, but this weekend will have a prime opportunity to correct that missing crown for the Dolphins. George Blacks men travel out to Raby to take on Minor Premiers Campbelltown-Camden. We took time out to reflect on moments of the season gone and what stands in front of them this weekend.

1. Did you expect to be in this position at the start of the season?

Yes I did, the talent and depth in the lower grades at the club this season has been the strongest I have seen since I have been playing at Easts, so based on that I always thought we were a very good chance. The addition of our Tim Creer side this season has been extremely helpful as well because we can call on players who are playing regular cricket when there are injuries or unavailability's.

2. What are your teams most memorable performances?

Wining a tight game against Hawkesbury with a lot of players unavailable highlighted the depth of the club. The tight win against Gordon which was highlighted by two Chris Hulston direct hit runouts was certainly a memorable point of the season. The teams ability to pull through in tight situations all season has also been fantastic.

3. Are there a couple of individual performances that come to mind?

Too many to mention but;

-          Jono Bank's 100 v Bankstown included 5 sixes and was chanceless

-          Andy Coles' marathon performance in the Semi-final including two 50s was unbelievable 'tough cricket'

-          Reuben Taucher's 100 at Snape vs Wests was outstanding

-          Steve Lewis and Zaeem Tapia's bowling in the lead up to the finals and in the QF and SF has been fantastic.

4. What's the biggest motivation for you to win a Premiership?

Easts have never won the Fifth Grade comp, so to skipper an inaugural Fifth Grade Premiership is my biggest motivation. I would also like to see a team photo up in the Tank.

5. It's fair to say Campbelltown won pretty comfortably when you played them. What do you remember about that game? Why will it be different this time?

Campbelltown were exceptionally well prepared for round 1 and hit their straps straight away. We played some pretty rusty cricket in comparison, playing a bit like the game was a trial match which was disappointing.

This time will be different because it is a 2 day match, we are undefeated in 2 day cricket and we have improved so much since that game. All are key players have also hit form at the right time.

6. What's been most pleasing about your two finals wins?

Our batting, we have got the worst of the batting conditions for both games but our ability to get through tough periods and not play rash shots has meant we were able to post very competitive totals. From there, our bowlers have been ruthless in applying the pressure and not giving the opposition a sniff. Our catching, particularly in the slips and gully has also been very good.

7. Who is the over-riding personality of the squad? Who are the main contributors in the dressing room?

Jono Bank loves to pipe up with some rare chat in the dressing room. His inspirational speech during the innings break against Mosman in Round 15 was particularly memorable and showed that he has a future as a motivational speaker, we went on to lose by 10 wickets.

Steve Lewis is also renowned for dressing room chat.... it's just a shame that it always leads back to him talking about his cats.

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