Club Statement: ESCC Re-Brands to Easts Dolphins

18-Dec-2019 Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club would like to formally announce that for season 2019/20 and going forward the club will be re-branding to the Easts Dolphins.

Seeking to place greater significance on our digital presence for the 2019/20 summer of cricket, this re-branding falls in line with the club’s desire to get a one-brand approach going forward across all our platforms.

To best represent the club going forward under a unified face, we will be placing increased focus on the dolphin’s mascot that already appears on our logo from a branding perspective.

As a result, going forward the club will identify as the Easts Dolphins with all platform accounts falling under the new Easts Dolphins banner across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, as well as general branding outside of our digital platforms.

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