2018 Easts Green Shield Squad Named


The following players have been selected in the AW Green Shield training squad for 2018 / 2019:


Sam Greenland – Captain 

Adam Sidhu 

Tom Winters 

Ned Patterson 

Corey De Wit 

Harry Fairfax 

Alex Van Vugt 

Max Glen 

Henry Furrer 

Freddy Walton 

Asher Learmonth 

Ryan Wunsch 

Tom Coady

Archie Cornell

Matt Sidhu


The following boys have been selected in the GS Development Squad for 2018 / 2019:

Damon Pinn 

Hamish Morrison

Daniel McSweeney 

Rohan Sharma

The AW Green Shield will be held on the following dates:

Round 1 – 16th Dec 
Round 2 – 18th Dec 
Round 3 – 20th Dec 
Round 4 – 5th Jan 
Round 5 – 13th Jan 
Round 6 – 15th Jan 
Round 7 – 17th Jan 
QF – 22nd Jan 
SF – 24th Jan 
GF – 28th Jan

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