125 Years of Walter Carter Funerals: Sep Carter


Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club is delighted to announce that Walter Carter Funerals Is on board as a Sponsor for season 2020/21.

While Walter Carter Funerals is based in Eastern Suburbs heartland, on Bronte Road Waverley. That isn’t the only thing that draws similarities between the club and Walter Carter Funerals.

Following the death of Founder Walter Carter in 1914, the day to day running of the business was handed to his son, Hanson “Sep” Carter, a then playing member of the club.

Sep Carter joined the club in 1897, playing continuously for 30 seasons and representing and one-time captaining Australia with distinction.

Sep was born on the 15th of March 1878 in Yorkshire, England, and debuted in First Grade at the tender age of 19, alongside Test players Syd Gregory and Frank Iredale. In his first season of grade cricket he was selected to play for NSW. 

In 1902 he went to England as the reserve keeper. And it was in 1902 Cater invented the "crouch" position which wicket keepers across the world quickly adopted.

While being born in England, the Carter’s decided to move to Sydney in the late 1800s, with Hanson even celebrating his sixth birthday on the oceans as the Belgravia headed away from England. Little did he know that in just a few short years he would be making the return voyage to England to represent his new adopted country of Australia in Test Cricket.

With Walter Carter Funerals celebrating an incredible 125 Years of operation in 2011, they wrote the below piece in their book detailing the rise of Hanson “Sep” Carter the cricketer, and his burgeoning role in the daily running of the business.

Whilst his father Walter was working hard to establish the family business, Hanson was throwing himself into cricket with equal fervour and showing his prowess as a wicketkeeper.

Not only was Hansen making a name for himself in the sport, he was also picking up a few nicknames along the way including ‘Sep’ and ‘Sammy’.

Hanson ‘Sep’ Carter came to meet many of the greats of Australian cricket at an early age. In fact, even before he commenced his Test cricket career, ‘Sep’ went into business with one of the icons of the game, the legendary Victor Trumper.

In August 1904, Hanson ‘Sep’ Carter and Victor Trumper opened a sporting goods store in Market Street Sydney called ‘The Trumper and Carter Sporting Depot’.

In one of our family’s proudest moments, it was in the 1907/08 season that ‘Sep’ debuted in the Australian Test Cricket Team and donned the baggy green for the first time.

His was an illustrious cricketing career and one of which his father Walter must have been rightly proud, even though ‘Sep’s’ touring commitments often took him away from the family business for long periods of time.

In fact, it was often remarked that ‘Sep’ would turn up for practice at the SCG arriving on a horse-drawn hearse!

‘Sep’ was a legendary wicketkeeper who had a style all his own and one which was quickly nicknamed the ‘Carter Crouch’; in fact, it is said that the crouching style we now associate with wicketkeepers all began with Sep’s unique crouch.

His Test Cricket career spanned twenty-eight Test Matches, many of which saw him compete against England at famous grounds such as Old Trafford and Kennington which is better known as the Oval.

But, amidst the sporting glory, ‘Sep’ was touched by sadness with the loss of his father, Walter Carter, in 1914. Walter’s will dated the 8th October 1910 appointed his wife Eliza and children Annie and Hansen as the co-executors with the entire estate bequeathed to Eliza.

Yet it was Hanson who took up the day to day running of the family business after Walter’s death.

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